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The Syndicate Investment Group (SIG) provides guaranteed fixed returns.


Upto 13.5% per annum/paid monthly

An FD will be created in our client's account with a company-approved bank and the client will be provided a Fixed Deposit Receipt with an annual profit of selected %. The company will then apply a lien on the Fixed Deposit to block the FD for the period of investment as specified in the Investment Agreement. Profit paid monthly.


Upto 15% per annum/paid monthly

Any SBLC from an AAA-rated bank is accepted. The SBLC will be issued to the Syndicate Investment Group (SIG) and the receiving bank will be Axis Bank.

Profit will be credited into issuing company account directly. Profit paid monthly. 


Upto 8% per annum [profit paid monthly]

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be formed and both parties will enter into a joint venture agreement after which the property shall be pledged into the SPV. The Syndicate Investment Group (SIG) will then pay the profit percentage on a monthly basis into the SPV's account. The client may then draw the profit from the SPV.


Upto 20% per annum [paid monthly]

In the case of Bonds, they shall be pledged with the SIG for a minimum period of 3 months. In the case of Listed Stocks, the stock will be given a rating from SIG's in-house risk assessment team. If approved, the stock will be transferred into a joint account with Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited.
The profit will be paid by the SIG on a monthly basis into the specified client account.


Upto 36% per annum [paid quarterly]

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